What to Know about a Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is essential to the event. Whether it’s the venue for the ceremony or the reception, it must meet your needs and specifications. Creating a criteria for a venue takes careful consideration and planning. And before you sign a contract for a venue, there are several factors to keep in mind. If you’ve never been through these steps before, now is the time to learn them as you wedding approaches. So feel free to follow these tips and instructions from www.finediningweddingsandevents.com.


Location is one important consideration to be made. You should think about how far away the reception will be from the place of the ceremony so you can arrange logistics. Also consider where your guests will be staying and remember the locations of these hotels. Another thought is the guest count and the size capacity of the venue. Get an accurate figure of guests attending (not just invited) since many venues cannot handle a surprise amount of people showing up. Note that 20% of guests will turn down your invitation. Take parking space into account, too. Furthermore, think about eating arrangements. Formal banquets require more space as opposed to buffet style weddings. Entertainment and dancing may take up space as well so store this idea in your brain. As for another thing to mull over, ponder the style and theme of the wedding. If you’re going for fancy and elegant, find a venue that is formal enough for your needs. Rustic or country weddings require similar venues. You can get a feel for a venue by visiting it and looking up online reviews to discover how reliable they are. Last, let’s talk budget. Venues may charge a certain amount per person or for every hour. See that what they ask for meets your budgetary restrictions. Keep in mind that you can cut costs by providing your own decorations and performing other services like setting up and preparing and serving food. A wedding package deal or renting the venue off-season can reduce spending as well.

Before Signing

Prior to putting down your John Hancock on a contract, you should review the policies and fine details of the venue you’re interested in. One very important detail is if they have the date you have in mind. If not, you’re going to have to change the date or look elsewhere. Review monetary issues like renting fees. Find out exactly what you’re getting for what you’re putting down. Ask if you’ll be charged for extra hours or surplus people. Ask about the deposit and when it is due. Request information of the forms of payments accepted. Review the cancellation policy, too. Discover what you would have to pay extra for. Be aware of these hidden fees. Another thing to inquire is restrictions on using the space. For instance, some places are strictly against lighting candles and hanging items from the ceiling. Noise restrictions may come up, too. Make sure you follow these rules so you can avoid further problems down the road. Once you go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, you can book the venue from www.finediningweddingsandevents.com or another organization. Good luck and be sure to enjoy your special day!



What to Look for in Great Landscaping

16Landscaping, or the appearance of an outdoor area, is something that most people don’t even consider. It isn’t something that they think about. Most people have yards with grass, a few trees, and some flowers. This tends to be the extent of their yard. But landscaping in general, whether private or commercial, adds a lot to the beauty of a place. It may not be something that you think a lot about, but a lot of work goes into improving the way a place looks on the outside. Landscaping in Reston, VA, is something that people take pride in. If you aren’t sure what creates a great landscaping job, here are a few things to look for. Continue reading

Tips When Looking for Wedding Bands

We’ve all been to that wedding or reception where the music is playing but the dance floor is empty. This is an indication that the wedding entertainment just needed to be a little bit better. If you’re looking into Boston wedding bands, following are a few things to keep in mind to get (and keep) your guests on the dance floor. 


Choose the Music


You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble when searching for a music group when you already know what kind of music you want. A disc jockey who plays a Garth Brooks song for an audience that mainly loves hip-hop probably won’t find success, and definitely won’t please your guests. Decide with your spouse if you only want a specific genre or decade. For example, you may want a mix that represents your relationship and time together, songs you both like, etc. Or you may both have very eclectic music tastes. But as you choose your tunes, keep your guests in mind. What will get them moving? If you have no idea how to keep a crowd happy, consult with professional entertainers. They may be able to help you. You can even ask for a playlist to see what the band knows how to perform or what the DJ has in his collection. Ultimately, variety will please many ages and groups. 


Check Reviews


There are many washed up musicians trying to still make a living doing what they love. While that is a sad story, your wedding shouldn’t have to suffer for it. It’s important that you check reviews of the group you are considering. Ask for references. Check their website. Wedding review and planning websites are also good places to find the top performers in your area. You could also look for videos of past events to see how they do. 


Book Early and Other Considerations


After you have decided on your music and checked reviews, it’s time to book. Maybe have a few different options in mind to see which one best works with your finances. You may also want to inquire about how involved the entertainers would be in your event. How much hosting should they do? Do you want them to lead a money dance or other events? Do you want announcements about different parts of your reception? How would they interact with the audience, if at all? Make sure you have all the questions ready for these potential Boston wedding bands so that your day can be as successful and fun as possible.